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Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

Maybe i didn’t love you
quite as often as i could have
and maybe i didn’t treat you
quite as good as i should have

If i made you feel second best
girl i’m sorry i was blind
you were always on my mind
you were always on my mind

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Así se vivió el concierto de U2 en Colombia



Concierto de U2 en Colombia. Foto: Daniel Reina/Semana.SemanaSemanaSemanaSemanaSemanaSemanaSemanaSemanaSemana





Macaco – Moving

Moving, all the people moving, one move for just one dream
We see moving, all the people moving, one move for just one dream
Tiempos de pequeños movimientos, movimientos en reacción
Una gota junto a otra hace oleajes, luego mares… océanos
Nunca una ley fue tan simple y clara: acción, reacción… repercusión
Murmullos se unen forman gritos, juntos somos evolución

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TLC – Waterfalls

A lonely mother gazing out of her window
Staring at a son that she just can’t touch
If at any time he’s in a jam
She’ll be by his side
But he doesn’t realize he hurts her so much
But all the praying just ain’t helping
At all ‘cause he can’t seem to keep
His self out of trouble
So he goes out and he makes his money
The best way he knows how
Another body laying cold in the gutter
Listen to me

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Bertín Osborne – Echame a mi la culpa

Sabes mejor que nadie que me fallaste
Que lo que prometiste, se te olvido
Sabes a ciencia cierta que me engañaste
Aunque nadie te amara igual que yo

Lleno estoy de razones paa despreciarte
Y sin embargo quiero que seas feliz

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